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  • Between 5 and 6 November 2020, the Faculty of Management from The Bucharest University of Economic Studies (Romania) in partnership with Management Academic Society in Romania (SAMRO) organize every year in November the International Management Conference (IMC). For details and more information click here


  • The eighth edition: Preparing for Tomorrow, Today 15-16 October 2020, Bucharest, Romania.
    What does the future hold for people, organizations, networks, societies and economies? What challenges will redefine the overall landscape? What is going to turn into yesterday’s news or is prone to become tomorrow’s MUST? What can we do about it? For details and more information click here

The Romanian Academic Management Society (RAMS) was established at the initiative of the PhD supervisors in the field of management in Romania, as a legal entity, in private law, through the free agreement expressed by the university scientists, who carry out didactic and research activities in the field of management and in adjacent fields.

RAMS was established and it operates under O.G. no. 26/2000, regarding the associations and foundations, under other normative acts in this domain, and under the Statute, receiving the name based on the evidence no. 52670 of 21.05.2007, issued by the Minister of Justice, Directorate for related legal services.

RAMS is an elite, non-governmental, apolitical scientific organization, based on the principles of full democracy, whose mission is, on the one hand, to promote sustainable knowledge-based management, through the cooperation of Romanian academic elites with those of the world-renowned management schools, and on the other hand, to promote the managerial experiences of excellence of managers from Romania and from everywhere.

Organized exclusively for non-profit purposes, the Society aims to professionalize management in Romania in the spirit of competence and performance, having as main objectives the following:

  • promoting the Romanian management and the experiences (leaders) of excellence in management;
  • enhancing the national and international visibility of the Romanian management;
  • realization of the specialized professional interface between the academic environment and the business environment;
  • promotion of specialized publications in the field of management;
  • organizing national and international scientific events;
  • promoting new models of managerial thinking – sustainable and based on knowledge – and involvement in management education continues.


The first issue of the RAMS Newsletter (RAMS-NL) appeared in May 2009. The purpose of NL is to contribute to the consolidation of the RAMS community and, thus, to support its mission of: “training and promoting a Romanian management school connected to international values, with high research potential, theoretical-methodological, educational and applicative”.

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