Group 73


In the university environment

  • The establishment of an annual national award system for scientific communications presented at the national conferences conducted under the aegis of RAMS, The awarding will be made by vote, by the organizing branch. A prize will be awarded per conference (plaque), offered by the organizing branch of the scientific event.
  • The annual award, based on competition, of the best doctoral works in the field of management, carried out in the previous year, based on a set of criteria approved by the RAMS management.
    1. Only one paper will be awarded from the proposals sent by the branches (maximum two proposals per branch)
    2. The award will start from 2017, for works from 2016.
  • The award, at national level, for the best management book of a researcher, published in the previous year, based on a set of criteria approved by the RAMS management;
    1. Only one paper will be awarded from the proposals sent by the branches (maximum two proposals per branch). If there are no works that fall into the class of excellence, the prize will not be awarded that year.
    2. The award will start from 2017, for works from 2016.
    3. the prize will also include books published under the aegis of RASM.
  • Registration of the best universities in Romania as RASM members;
  • The annual organization of a management summer school, for one week, for students enrolled in Bachelor studies, possibly in partnership with a large consulting firm and / or a large firm in Romania and / or a university, one of RASM’s institutional members,
  • The presentation in each issue of RASM’s newsletter of an interview with a professor member of the organization (proposed successively by the branch presidents).


  • Based on the lists received from the subsidiaries, the elaboration of a list with the journals and newspapers with economic-technical-managerial topics, to be contacted
    1. at national level
    2. at the branch level;
  • Developing collaboration protocols with publications that are interested in the connection with RASM;
  • Elaboration and transmission of press releases before and after the major events of RASM (conferences, book launches, competitions for awarding papers, summer schools, etc.). The branches will send for each organized event, to the site and to the newsletter, two releases (before and after the event);
  • Organization of press conferences for launching the main RASM papers (The Assessment of Romanian Management, Best studies, Scientific management yearbook)
    1. at national level
    2. at the branch level
    3. at the level of large universities.


  • The conclusion of protocols with the national research institutes, in order for RAMS to be a partner at their conferences and vice versa;
  • Attracting prestigious researchers to major RASM actions (conferences, book launches, competitions for awarding works, summer schools, etc.);
  • Transmission of the works published by RASM to:
    1. the main national libraries
    2. the libraries of the important universities in Romania (a list will be provided).


  • Attracting an increased number of prestigious companies as institutional members and as RASM sponsors;
  • Selective realization of paper contracts with certain companies, with the help of the PhD students from RASM members, also;
  • The presentation in each issue of the RASM newsletter, of an interview with a representative organisation manager (successively proposed by the branch presidents).


  • Selective transmission of the main RASM papers, to certain political leaders who have the capacity and interest to use the incorporated analysis and recommendations;
  • The annual formulation and submission of RASM meeting points regarding the managerial and economic priorities of Romania in the coming year;
  • Formulation by RASM of certain positions regarding the approach of some major managerial problems of Romania.


  • Selective registration of RASM in international organizations that have management profile (upon approval from the Board of Directors);
  • Attracting universities from international structures and / or organizations with management profile as partners at RASM conferences and / or under the aegis of RAMS;
  • RASM’s involvement as a conference partner organizes in prestigious university structures and / or international organizations with management profile.


The RASM website

  • Redesigning the site to current standards (possibly for a fee);
  • Appointment of a desirable and competent person in charge of the site, who will frequently update it.

RAMS Newsletter

  • Preparation of a calendar of actions taken by RASM. Publication within the newsletter of all these actions;
  • The transmission by the subsidiaries, by specially designated persons (decision adopted in 2014), of at least 1-2 novelties per month, which will feed a special section called, possibly, “News from the subsidiaries”.

The present document was prepared by the president of RASM, PhD. prof. Ovidiu Nicolescu, completed and approved by the RASM Board of Directors (decision 5), during the meeting on 1.02.2016 at the University of Sibiu.