The obligations of RASM members

  1. To know and respect the provisions of the Statute, as well as the decisions of the governing bodies of the Society and to act for their fulfilment;
  2. To participate in the General Assembly of the Society, expressing their opinion on the organization, development and results of its activity;
  3. To contribute to the formation and development of the material base, as well as the informational base of the Society; d) to promote the common interests of the Society and to act in order to increase its scientific prestige;
  4. Not to carry out political activities within the Society or during the various events organized by it;
  5. Not to take actions that, by their nature, can harm the objectives, interests or image of the Society;
  6. To pay the annual fee;
  7. To participate annually in at least one action under the auspices of RASM.

The document was elaborated on the basis of the RASM status, by PhD. prof. Cosmin Dobrin, the president of the RASM Bucharest branch and was approved by the Board of Directors (decision 10) within the Board of Directors Meeting on May 27, 2016 from the University of Oradea.