The first issue of the RASM Newsletter (RASM-NL) appeared in May 2009. The purpose of the NL is to contribute to the consolidation of the RASM community and, thus, to support its mission of: “providing training in management and promoting a Romanian management school connected to the international values, with a high research potential, theoretical and methodological, educational and applicative”.

RASM-NL is a monthly electronic publication based on materials submitted by RASM members. The contributed materials are published in the NL without being edited by the Coordinator, who only assumes the role of “dispatcher” for the messages coming from the RASM members. The views expressed by the NL contributors are not necessarily those of the Coordinator.


  • Communication between RAMS members, for information on RASM activities and their level of achievement, proposals for new actions, events and announcements, discussions on some ideas, etc.
  • Communication between RAMS members and potential RASM members, for attracting valuable new members, getting to know them better by all members, integrating into the RAMS community, etc.
  • Communication between RASM members representing management schools and managers from the economic field through interviews, with the aim of reducing the difference between management theory and its practice. This approach has been found since 2015.
  • Communication for increasing RASM visibility at national and international level, generating new ideas and solutions in current management, setting up a professional relationship vehicle, marking a dynamic and innovative space in Romanian management, etc.
  • The structure of the fields varies according to the requirements.

Communication coordinator: Dr. Rodica M. Candea, Scientific researcher I, Prof. univ.asoc. Technical University of Cluj-Napoca, email:

If you want to read the newsletter, or browse the archive, go to the portal RASM NEWSLETTERS